Cultivation Methods

With every dispensary under the sun making claims of organic products, we felt it was important to go a step further and give you an in depth view of the products we use to create the products you trust.

Cultivation Medium

The cultivation medium houses and protects the delicate root zone and rhizosphere. It allows for nutrient and air exchange and provides an ecosystem for a wide variety of beneficials - ranging from bacteria and endo- and ecto- mycorrhizae to more complex organisms such as nematodes and springtails. We blend coco with various peat to optimize drainage, moisture retention, nutrient exchange, microbial life, and air exchange for each phase of life.

Nutritional Base

Natures Nectar is an immediately available blend of full spectrum nutrients needed for plant function. The nitrogen is enzymatic-ly derived vegetable protein hydrolysate, the phosphorous is refined bat guano, and the potassium is Kelp. All good things from the land, air, and sea. 

BioBizz - Nutrient line

Nutritional Additives

The Biobizz fertilizer line is a benchmark of quality nutrition. These fertilizers are minimally processed and provide the most direct connection to raw plant ingredients available in a hydro form on the market today. They have been on the forefront of research and development in the organic hydro industry for over 25 years.  The raw ingredients are still grown in the Netherlands today and still use the same heirloom sugar beets from farms over 200 years old.

Vegan Compost Nutrient Base

Composted Amenities

A vegan mix of humus, rock powders, and minerals. Premix is the synergy between soiless and organic methods. It gives the dynamic environment required to proliferate the variety of microorganisms that interface nutrients to plant, essentially activating the grow medium.  The humus components can provide between 20 to 100 times the nutrient exchange of peat or coco alone.